Bing Adsense ; website monetization programme, all about bing Adsense you must know.

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What is Bing Adsense?

Bing Adsence is a website monetization platform that offers publishers to display Bing ads on their website. It is similar to Google Adsense and It is also the alternative of Google Adsense.

Bing Adsense

How to setup Bing Adsense?

To setup Bing Adsense you need to add a code from Bing Adsense and add it to your website where you want to display ads.

How much we can earn from Bing Adsense?

You can earn thousands of US $ daily or monthly from Bing Adsense. Your earning will depend upon your website traffic and cpc.

How to get Bing Adsense approval?

To get approval of Bing Adsense you need to open Bing Webmaster tool and thereafter verify your identity and submit your website sitemaps in Bing Webmaster tool for crawling. Thereafter Bing will automatically ask you to Join bing monetization programme. To join bing monetization programme you need to fill up a form in the Bing webmaster tool to join the waitlist. If your website follows the instructions and guidelines of Bing Adsense programme than you will expect a positive response from Bing team.

Note: Currently Bing Adsense received website information to join it waitlist. The Bing Adsense will start it monetization programme soon for all websites so that the publishers can generate revenue from Bing ads.

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