Cyclone Tej Update , Important advisory for Parts of Oman and Yemen

Heavy to very Heavy Rain Expected in Parts of Yemen

Danish Hussain Shah - Editor in Chief
Representative Image of Rainy weather during Spring

Cyclone Tej is a tropical storm originated from the Arabian Sea , presently affecting the Hadiboh and brings there heavy intensity Rain and Gusty winds.

Further Forecast : The Strom likely to intensify more during this afternoon and will bring heavy to very heavy rain and Thundershowers in Hadiboh. By Tomorrow it will reach in the coastal areas of Yemen and Oman.

The maximum impact of Cyclone Tej will be over the coastal areas of Yemen rather than Oman.

Cyclone Tej will bring heavy to very heavy Rain and Gusty winds over the coastal areas of Yemen especially in Sarif , Saihut and their adjoining areas.

Peoples of these areas of Yemen are advised to take necessary precautions and measures Before the reaching of Cyclone Tej.

The intensity of this Strom likely to weak by 25 October.

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By Danish Hussain Shah Editor in Chief
Danish Hussain Shah is an independent weather forecaster and Editor in Chief of J&K Weather.
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