How to get blue verified badge on Instagram instantly|Instagram account verification.

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What is Blue verified badge on Instagram?

A blue verified badge on instagram which is the next to the usernames confirmed that it is the authentic presence for that person or brand

Examples of verified Instagram accounts/ Profiles.

Verified account of Cristiano Ronaldo
Verified account of Virat Kohli

How to get blue verified badge on Instagram instantly.

There are two ways to get blue verified badge on instagram quickly

1. Subscribe to Meta verified : This is the easiest way to get blue verified badge on instagram. To get instagram blue verified badge through ( Subscribe to Meta verified Policy) You have to submit your ID issued by a Government organization or a verified organization and your name and other details must match to the submitted Information such as full name, Meta verified subscription comes with monthly and yearly plans. For a blue verified badge on Instagram you have to pay ₹699 monthly.

2. Request for verification : In this way you have to fill up a form for the request of verification. During this process you must have to prove yourself to Instagram that you are the notable person. For instant verification you need to submit Your Govt Id and atleast 3 to 5 news articles Urls from verified publications about yourself in the verification form. It takes 10-14 days to verify your account.

Benifits of Blue verified badge

1. Your profile will look most attractive

2. Peoples will know that you are the notable personality.

3. Extra account security and benifits.

4. Ranking in the search results of instagram

5. Reach millions of people/ accounts easily.

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For more information regarding the verified badge kindly visit on this link.

Instagram Blue verified

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