Jhelum River Hits Historic Lows in Kashmir: Sangam and Asham Reach All-Time Minimum Levels

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River Jhelum at Sangam in South Kashmir and Asham in North Kashmir is flowing at the all-time lowest water level.

The gauge reading of Sangam at 9 a.m. was -0.75 ft and at 7 a.m. was -0.77 ft.

Previously, between November 01 & 16, 2017, water level dropped to -0.75 ft at Sangam.

At Asham, the water level recorded was 0.86 ft at 9a.m., which is also the all-time lowest level recorded at this station.

Gauge @ 09:00 AM 14/01/2024

1) Sangam (21’/25′)=(-)0.75ft
2)Pampore (4.5/5.0)=(-)1.48m
3) MunshiBagh (18’/21′)=3.19ft
4) Asham (14.0’/16.5)=0.86ft.
5) Wullar (1578.00)=(-)1573.61m

1) Vishow Nallah at Khudwani (7.75/8.50)=2.29m
2) Rambiyara Nallah at Wachi (5.4/5.7)=(-)0.41m
3) Lidder Nallah at Batkoot (1.5/1.65)=(-)0.35m
4) Doodhganga Nallah at Barzulla (3.65/3.8)=0.4m55m
5) Sindh Nallah at Doderhama (3.65/3.9)=0.00m

Irrigation & Flood Control Department, Kashmir

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