Subdomains are no longer available in Google AdSense – Check new policy

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Subdomains are no longer available in Google AdSense – Check new policy

In an official mail Google AdSense said that subdomains are no longer available in Google AdSense after 20 March,

Google AdSense

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You’ll no longer be able to add or manage subdomains that are part of an existing Site in the Sites tab. Any existing subdomains in your account that belong to a Site will be removed. This will not impact ad serving or your earnings

.To review which sites have subdomains, visit the Sites tab and look for the ‘subdomains’ annotation in the table. It will look like the screenshot above for example.comBlocking controls for subdomainsAny existing blocking controls for a subdomain (as defined above) will be promoted to the domain level.

For example, if you have blocking controls configured for and, the combination of those settings will be applied to controls for subdomains shown at the top level view of the Sites table will remain in place (for example from the screenshot above).

Important: We will make this change for you automatically after 20.03.2023. To opt out, please click here by 13.03.2023.

If you opt out, your subdomain blocks will be deleted.Ads.txtWe’re introducing a new ads.txt column to the Sites table to quickly show you the ads.txt status for your sites.

Site review Times You will start getting faster feedback for certain types of issues we find with your sites during the initial review process. Some of these improvements may not be immediate for your account.We’re always looking for ways to improve the performance and usability of AdSense. Your feedback has helped shape the changes listed above, and we appreciate your continued feedback to help improve AdSense.To help you adjust your settings please see more information

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