Monsoon 2024 forecast for New Delhi

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SouthWest Monsoon 2024 Forecast for New Delhi.

Date: 23 April 2024

Subject: Monsoon 2024 forecast for New Delhi

Onset-Withdrawal Forecast

Due to highly favoured IOD, monsoon may make a vigorous and early onset in Delhi. Monsoon onset in the city is expected by 24 June 2024.

+/- 2 days.

As La Nina will be gaining strength, monsoon withdrawal will be bit delayed for entire country this year. Monsoon may withdraw from Delhi by 3 October.

+/- 2 days.

Monsoon Forecast

Delhi is likely to get Above Normal rains this year. Positive IOD will ensure enhanced rainfall in the city and will be supported by La Nina by end of the season.

Monthly Outlook

June: Monsoon is likely to make onset near 24 June. Hence June will not see much rainy days but pre monsoon showers may help to cover quota of June. Slightly below normal rains likely.

July: July will be good in terms of rains. IOD is likely to peak at this time, hence there will atleast 12-15 rainy days in July with above average rains.

August: This is the wettest month for delhi. IOD is expected at +1.2© hence bountifull rains expected in August. Approx 15 rainy days will be there with above normal rains.

September: Monsoon withdrawal may commence from West Rajasthan and Pubjab after 20 September. This may lead to convergence of dry and moist winds causing some Thunderstorms in second half of september. First half of september will see 3-5 rainy days and Near Average rains likely.

Note: Monsoon withdrawal is expected from the city by 1 October ( +/- 2 days).

Harsh Winter is likely in North india in November – January months.

Rainfall Volume forecast

June: 90mm (Near Average)

July: 377mm (Above Average)

August: 440mm (Above Average)

September: 140mm (Above Average)

Total rains from 1 June – 30 September

1047mm (Above Normal)

+250mm from normal 797mm

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